Brox mission

Certainly globalization has its advantages that we all use: variaty of choices, convenient locations, popular brands …

Nevertheless, one of the major needs of an individual is self-expression. After all, who doesn't want to be unique?

Transnational corporations’ work principles are usually confined by continuous growth and takeover of new markets, profit margin increase, depersonalization and the conveyor effect.

We spend about 50% of our lives at work. This is why brox gives you a chance to make your time off as  pleasant and comfortable for you as possible.

Brox has all the necessary tools to do this.

From a modern persons perspective, shopping in a huge mall is of course convenient, but it is much more pleasant to stroll through designer workshops and boutiques of Hong Kong, Singapore, Milan, Antwerp or New York … to buy things, that become your favorites, or to custom order in a small tailoring shop somewhere in a small twisting street of Rome.

We are not opponents of globalization, for us individuality and uniqueness of the tasks are important.

It doesn't mean that we don't have ambitions and aspiration for development and growth. On the contrary, we will grow together with you, help you to solve more and more interesting problems brought by new projects.

We will not just remain your reliable partner, but also your loyal friend on whom you can rely. Broxs' team, as the true friend, will always be extremely fair and responsible.

Our mission is to be your personal logistics provider of the worlds most effective solutions, to give you the full spectrum of the most qualitative services, for both domestic and international markets.

Our purpose is to provide you with a set of personal and economical services, that manage movements of the goods by air, sea and ground.  

Inspection of lots

Inspection of lots

In some cases, when peculiarities of your business demand special attention to production and shipping of the goods, we are ready to offer you comprehensive inspection of the lots just before shipping or in process of manufacturing, as well as while placing an order.



A glass of refreshing lemonade in the hot afternoon or a cup of warm tea in the cool evening? Party with friends, clink of glasses and crackle of foamy bubbles... Or maybe a romantic picnic at the countryside...