Know-How: Delivery of tea in extreme conditions29.08.2012

Know-How: Delivery of tea in extreme conditions

We continue sharing our know-hows with you. We will look at a very interesting case we had. We will tell you about a rather complicated case of tea delivery from Japan to Russia during one of the toughest periods of the year – Christmas Holidays. Allows us to start from the beginning, let’s talk about the product before it appears on the market.

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Distinguishing features of carriage of beverages and spirits24.07.2012

Distinguishing features of carriage of beverages and spirits

All of us have once warmed ourselves with a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate in the company of friends, blankets and pillows. Or, perhaps, you spent the holidays by the palm tree with refreshing freshly squeezed juices or fruit cocktails? In any case, it is time to tell you more about the full bodied wine, vitamine such juices and other thrust clenching drinks. If you visit our "Beverages" page you will learn about the technical side of carriage of variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Today, however, we will tell you only the most interesting and important features, that you don't think about but face every day. Did you know that the origin of apple juice is China* and peach pure - Greece*, while the best pear pure comes from Chile?

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Consolidated cargoes24.07.2012

Consolidated cargoes

It is common for a project to consist of multiple stages: various combinations of ground, sea and air freight allow the completion of compacted tasks. Our team has been working on a couple of interesting projects, where the shipments were made in product lots from different manufacturers. This means that we would like to share a few cases of cargo consolidation. Before we dive in the details, we would like to explain which goals we try to achieve with the help of thoroughly planned models.

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CNY in pictures27.01.2012

Today we are happy to show you some photoes from Chinese New Year celebration. Theatre perfomances, belly dancing and lots of dragons inside!

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