CNY in pictures27.01.2012

Today we are happy to show you some photoes from Chinese New Year celebration.

Theatre perfomances, belly dancing and lots of dragons inside!


Dragon lantern near China's gate in Nanking.


City of Xi'an, Shaanxi province.


Installations are one of most significant parts of Chinese culture. 


The worker paints sugar-dragon.


Everybody got their gifts! Even this preety panda in Chinese nursery.


Divers perform the dragon dance in Beijing.


Celebration in Taoist temple Beijing East Peak.


Prayer during the ceremony.


The actor prepearing to pray for the fruitfulness.


Adapted ceremony of the ancient dynasti of Dean. During ceremony, they pray for good harvest and fortune.


 Repetitions are not so exiting as usual ;)


Break between repetitions.


Actors in traditional costumes.



The opening ceremony of a temple fair in the park "Pont Dragon", Beijing.



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